We are Erika, Carlotta and Giovanni Pozzetti, siblings and founders of POZ Ltd, the company that gathers our brands.

Amongst these there are: Treepotsies – Cosmetically Correct, cosmetics for skin and body care made with CBD, Hemp Seed Oil and Terpenes, and Treepotsies – Healthily Correct, food supplements made with Hemp Seed Oil and Terpenes.

Cosmetically & Healthily Correct

We believe in a deliberate beauty. Self-awareness to begin with. But it also means being aware of the products that we use every day. Talking about food supplements or cosmetics nowadays has become increasingly difficult. Words such as organic, green, clean and natural fill our head with misleading ideas. Apps, websites, INCI-dictionaries, online blogs, influencers and often the very same cosmetic businesses contribute to the diffusion of concepts around what is natural and organic that generate only false myths and confusion.

What we set out to do is to take you on a journey that could dissipate doubts and uncertainties on the real identity of active ingredients and their use in our formulations. We plan to do so through a divulgation, with debates and analysis. What we ask of you is to keep your mind open and remember that natural and clean are not always synonyms of better, neither for your health nor for the world around us.


To discover together and tell everything
about the different parts and virtues of hemp, along with their uses, both in cosmetics and food supplements. The goal is to create and promote a virtuous loop of knowledge and research around hemp.

To contribute to the abolition of the stigma that still exists today around the Cannabis plant, sustain its cultivation, use and consumption. To promote and share knowledge around cosmetic production and formulation, together with food supplements, starting with the choices behind the creation of a product from scratch, its effective sustainability and ethical impact.

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