A new generation of Hemp cosmetics
Hemp for everybody
Hemp has no bias
We believe in a deliberate beauty
A new generation of Hemp cosmetics
Hemp for a wellness with no boundaries

Hemp (Cannabis – Sativa, Indica o Ruderalis) is an extremely ancient plant, with many virtues. The truths of this plant are mostly unspoken, which contributed to the construction of a stratification of negativity that makes it very difficult to build something believable for people. The reality is, however, quite different. Hemp’s components are incredibly beneficial to the human body, and science is going towards this direction. One of the most used parts of the plant are no doubt the seeds, from which is extracted a very rich and functional oil. CBD (Cannabidiol) and CBG (Cannabigerol) are less-known active Phyto cannabinoids, but extremely versatile in contexts such as physical and mental wellbeing. All of these components are at the core of our formulations. None of these have psychoactive effects, more commonly attributed to THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol).

Our Treep

Cosmetics skin e body care with CBD, Hemp Seed Oil and Terpenes

Food supplements with Hemp Seed Oil and Terpenes
Food supplement useful for mental well-being, restoration of normal mood and relaxation
Food supplement useful for articular functionality and to fight against localised tissues stiffness
Sun Treep Stick
Sunscreen stick for the face, or any sensitive area, with high protection (SPF 50)
We believe in a deliberate beauty. Self-awareness to begin with. But it also means being aware of the products that we use every day.


These cosmetics are suitable for all skin types. This is no-BS marketing, it’s the simple reality of things. Our Treeps are formulated to deliver an optimal response to many needs of the skin. A balanced synergy of the different actives that promotes the effectiveness of CBD’s natural properties. Seboregulating in cases of oily skin, soothing for irritated skin, moisturising for dry and chapped skin. Terpenes highlight the natural functionality of the Phytocannabinoids, creating the famous ‘Entourage effect’. Seeing is believing!

Body and mind

These cosmetics and food supplements are thought for any need. The Body Treep are delicate and pleasant to use every day. Our supplements are studied to solve specific problems of body and mind. Here too, the Terpenes work in full synergy with the CBD in the formula, generating the ‘Entourage effect’.